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To keep pace with the competition, you need to perform a wide range of document tasks quickly and easily. That is why the Savin 917 is the right choice for fast-paced small offices and departmental workgroups. It delivers all of the capabilities you need — and the value you demand — in a single, compact system.

Efficiency Checklist

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Review these lists and if you check more than three items, your office may have significant untapped opportunity to reduce print cost, increase asset utilization, and improve productivity.


Upgrade and Efficiency Checklist

  • Adequate computer speed
  • Multifunction products
  • Upgrade printers to 50 copies per minute
  • Color capability
  • Document management software
  • Electronic forms software
  • Print management software installed
  • Send fax transmissions via scan-to-email or Internet fax
  • Document shredders
  • Jug-less digital water cooler


  • No comprehensive strategy and place exists for document process management
  • Presence of personal desktop printers
  • Too many devices per employee
  • Many different types and brands of devices
  • Presence of analog copiers
  • Presence of digital copiers that are not networked
  • Any printer over three years old
  • Presence of both printers and copiers in the same common area
  • Devices that only output on paper
  • Lack of a performance management solution to measure/improve document processes

Upgrade your Office

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Make sure your output keeps pace with your input

Upgrade your officeIt makes little sense to have fast input (computer) matched with an output process that bogs down and bottlenecks as a result of slow page speeds and manual document storage/retrieval.

Upgrading office computers to enhance speed and productivity is essential in today’s environment. Unfortunately, the same focus isn’t always given to output devices. Have the printers, copiers and multifunction products (MFPs) in your office been upgraded so they match levels of computer performance? Do you still use manila folders along with manual file storage and retrieval? If the answers to these questions are “no” and “yes,” respectively, your office productivity is declining.

Install Document Management Software

The time it takes to process a document, i.e., the time from [computer] input to final output and storage, is called throughput. It makes little sense to have fast input matched with an output process that bottlenecks as a result of slow page speeds and manual document storage/retrieval.

Upgrade Printers

Throughput is diminished by two things: machine performance and human intervention. The most effective solution for offsetting the human factor is document management software, which allows electronic filing at 75 pages per minute. It also searches files electronically which produces large gains in productivity, eliminates file cabinets and provides disaster recovery. Slow, outdated office equipment also creates a drag on throughput. This is easily remedied by upgrading to feature-rich, higher speed printers and MFPs.

Install Color Capability

Color is fast-becoming a necessity in the business world for any material that must attract and hold people’s attention. The good news is that upgrading to a color MFP is now affordable for every size business. And the cost of color copying has declined significantly, so you can save money by bringing your company’s color work in-house.

Install Print Management Software

Businesses that have multiple networked printers and MFPs benefit from print management software, which automatically emails e/Doc Systems for service and gives us the meter reading. The software emails key operators when machines are low on toner or paper, and it gives employee and departmental copy usages. Management information provided by the software can lower overall print costs.

Use Electronic Forms

Expensive multi-part business forms and the time consuming tearing, bursting and filing that goes with them can be eliminated with forms software. Electronic forms also elimi- nate the need to go to the printer for new or updated forms, only to find old forms going to waste. The output is a laser printer and invoices/forms can be printed in full color.

No Long Distance Charges

Long distance fax-phone charges can be eliminated by purchasing an Internet fax machine or by using the scan to email feature on your networked MFP. And every 21st Century office should have paper shredders to ensure document security. All of these upgrades pay for themselves over time.

e/Doc’s checklist of essential office upgrades is on this page. If you have a question or would like more information, please contact us at (901) 367-9500.

Assessing your Output

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How is it possible to keep tabs on some- thing that is seemingly out of control?

Most organizations spend more on document output than they realize. Much of that expense can be attributed to under-utilized technologies and inefficient document processes. An evaluation by e/Doc of an office’s copiers, printers, faxes, multifunctional devices, and overall document workflow can identify problems such as outdated, overburdened, under-utilized and maintenance-intensive machines that consume a company’s resources. A document assessment can alter usage patterns, procedures and employee behaviors and lead to a more efficient office with upgraded products that will translate into a big payoff. In fact, according to research and analysis company Gartner, a document output assessment can save your company as much as 40 percent on document- related activities. Meritage Homes of California had an analysis of its document workflow that found it was producing more than 88,000 documents a month and was on course to spend $346,000 on document-related activities over five years. The assessment resulted in an upgrade and consolidation of the company’s office equipment and improved document workflow that will save it nearly $100,000 over a five-year period. Selecting the right provider for an assessment is important:

  • Ensure that the provider has a thorough, tested method; find out what software programs are used in the process.
  • Use an independent office equipment dealership because manufacturers tend to only recommend their own evaluation software offerings. This limits options.

Document output has become so disorganized that virtually every organization can benefit from a document assessment, which can be accomplished swiftly and unobtrusively. If the recommendations are acted on, it’s a safe bet that a significant return on the investment will be achieved.



Did you know that recycling paper compared with producing virgin paper…

      • Uses 65% less energy and 80% less water.
      • Produces 95% less air pollution.
      • Saves about 17 trees and 7000
      • gallons of water for each ton of recycled paper that is produced.


    Up to 10 percent of a company’s revenue, on average, is spent on document activity, according to worldwide analyst group IDC. This includes the cost of printer and copier equipment, printer output, supplies and maintenance. In addition:

    • Companies make 19 copies of a document and spend $20 in labor filing each document on average,and can spend an additional $120 in labor costs searching for a missing document,according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    • Organizations pay an average of $213 per employee per year on hardcopy supplies and maintenance,according to Hewlett-Packard.
    • Average office worker uses 230 pages of printed paper per week,which equals weekly document costs of $162 per employee,according to research and consulting firm InfoTrends/CAP Ventures.


    Software Tips

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    Document Mall

    Document MallDocument Mall software offers a powerful option for securing, managing and sharing documents via the Internet. The web-hosted business solution is ideal for paper intensive environments that need content management. Document Mall allows companies to store and manage electronic and paper documents in a secure environment, and eliminates the need for them to maintain a server. Document Mall requires minimal IT support and no hardware or software. Users pay for storage space and submit their content via the Document Mall website.


    Sentry FileSentryFile is a web-based business solution that allows paper and electronic documents to be integrated into a disaster- proof online filing system.SentryFile creates a complete digital library of an end-user’s important business documents and keeps them secure. Paper documents and electronic files from Microsoft Office to audio and video, and virtually any other file format can be uploaded. SentryFile offers solutions for small to mid-size businesses and large organizations.

    Is your Office a Money Pit?

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    Document management is the key.

    The document imaging industry has been talking about creating a paperless workplace for years. Digitizing paper files was an important first step toward this goal. But while office technology continues to evolve, paper files keep piling up, and reducing paper clutter remains a challenge in the most efficient offices.

    Paper studies, including one by Abigail Sellen and Richard Harper—The Myth of the Paperless Office published by MIT Press—bear this out. Use of the Internet has contributed to an increase in the volume of documents that are printed.

    An important tool in the effort to reduce paper is document management software which allows businesses to scan paper documents to create a searchable and secure electronic filing system on the computer network. Document management systems can save time and money. One in ten documents will either be lost or misfiled during its useful life, and it can cost $350 or more in employee time to recreate a lost document.

    In addition to employee productivity and the cost to recreate lost documents, maximizing document management software technology makes sense from several standpoints:


    • storage cost
    • scanning technology
    • learning curve
    • regulatory compliance


    The cost of storing data has dropped to as little as $1 and less per gigabyte. Considering that up to 200,000 documents or more than 10 filing cabinets can be stored in one gigabyte, installing an EDMS application makes sense.


    While scanning paper documents was once a time-consuming task, sheet-fed scanners, which are now common on most new office copiers and multifunction products, allow documents to be scanned quickly and conveniently.


    Office workers are more familiar than ever before with common computer applications. The learning curve for applications such as document scanning is much shorter than it was 10 years ago.


    The government has created a more rigorous regulatory scheme to safeguard information storage, security and retention. HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley are causing an increasing number of organizations to use document management software to ensure compliance.

    A document output assessment can save your company as much as 40%

    Dealer Productivity

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    Service levels can make or break office productivity.

    When selecting a new fleet of copiers, multifunctional products or printers, quality of service is just as important as product quality. All vendors say that they have the best service. But how can you be sure a dealer will walk the walk after you award them your business?

    It takes tremendous determination to provide superior service day-in and day-out. Not every dealer commits the resources necessary to do this. The right culture and policies must be in place. Before you make a decision, consider the following.


    • Call the dealer and see if you can easily contact someone.
    • Leave a voice message and test response time.
    • Call the service department and time how long you’re kept on hold.
    • When placing a service request through a website or via e-mail – did you receive confirmation?

    A quality service company makes it easy for customers to speak with a live person. Their employees will also respond to e-mails and voicemails in a timely manner.


    • Verify whether machines will bedelivered and installed simultaneously.
    • Will the machine be connected to your network the same day?
    • Who will handle training?

    Ask to meet the service manager. If this is easily arranged, it is an indication that the dealer’s service department will deliver the level of service promised by its sales department. Questions you’ll want to ask should include:

    • Do the technicians provide customers with an estimated time of arrival when a service request is received?
    • What is their policy if a machine has excessive down time, and will the dealer provide a loaner?

    Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that are important to your business. And be sure and gauge a dealer’s flexibility when it comes to meeting your service needs, especially those that are unplanned.

    The office machines you purchase should help your business be more productive, not burden it. Taking time to carefully evaluate the service that you will be receiving for the next three to four years is well worth the invesment.

    Biz Briefs

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    Maximum SecurityAs copiers and printers continue to become a more essential aspect of business, the possibility of these devices becoming a security threat also increases. The following are some multifunctional products from Ricoh that provide advanced security features:

    Savin 8025 8030

    • Using an existing network login infrastructure, those with a valid name and password can access the system.
    • An optional feature automatically overwrites the dormant image left on the hard drive after a job is completed.

    Savin 8035 8045

    • These devices offer the same features as the above models, but an optional removable hard drive provides another solution to protect classified and confidential information.
    Goodbye Paper?PaperThe notion of the “paperless office,” where all documents would exist only in electronic format, is now a possibility in today’s digital world. Yet, while technically feasible, it has yet to be fully achieved. In fact, there are more printed documents in today’s workplace than ever before. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Global use of paper is five times higher today than it was 50 years ago and it is expected to double by 2010.
    • The U.S. uses 30 percent of the world’s paper products.
    • Worldwide, 5.61 million cubic meters of wood is used annually to produce paper.

    * Source: All Associates Group

    What's your business worth?Your Business's Price TagMany owners only have a vague idea. What’s more, 61% of the com- panies that responded to a recent survey by The Monitor Group aren’t even sure how businesses in their industry segment are valuated. So if you decide to sell the business, a valuation expert will help you determine the right asking price. Cash flow is a key metric when val- uating a small business, while larger companies are valuated using more complex formulas. As for assets, don’t overlook the salability of customer lists and brand equity.

    What’s in a Meter Reader?

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    e/Doc regularly contacts it’s customers for the meter or copy count on their machines as part of routine maintenance. But there’s more to the process than meets the eye. Obtaining an accurate count for a copier or multifunction product enables us to manage the contract, supply and warranty needs of a customer’s office equipment.

    We use Print Fleet’s state-of-the- art print management software to help maintain our customers’ office equipment at peak levels of performance at all times. With PrintFleet technology, e/Doc can obtain detailed information about the status and performance of every printing device in a customer’s workplace in minutes, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

    If your MFP is connected to your network, our software will automate meter reads and turn in service calls. That is correct, your MFP will do both tasks on its own. This is especially helpful if you have many devices.

    Reporting your current meter count is especially helpful when you order or replace supplies. Having your machine ID number available saves time by allowing us to access your account instantaneously. Meter information can also be e-mailed, faxed or called in to our office. If you are providing meter information for the first time, we will instruct you on where to find it.

    Additionally, most companies find it useful to designate one person with the responsibility for reading meters and ordering supplies. As the individual becomes familiar with a machine’s supply needs, meter location and service history, the process becomes even more efficient.

    For more information about meter count please contact e/Doc at (901) 367-9500.

    The e/DOC Office

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    Today’s office environment is more complex than ever before because of an array of emerging technologies that are changing the way we do business. For over 25 years e/Doc Systems has been helping customers choose the right solution to manage their documents.

    We combine hardware with the right software to help customers solve their workflow problems. Our line of productivity-enhancing devices includes multifunction products (MFPs). These marvelous all-in-one devices can copy and print in color,fax and even scan-to-email. With optional document management software, MFPs can create and manage electronic files. Of course, they still sort, stack, duplex and staple as well.

    MFPs have become the hub of document output in many offices. They eliminate much of the need for “standalone” laser printers while improving document throughput. Documents are scanned and electronically filed or emailed at high speeds,reducing bottlenecks in workflow especially in offices that still rely on the manila folder system of filing. Our software allows files to be electronically sorted at high speeds,enabling customers to reduce the number of file cabinets in their office.

    These are just a few of the technologies e/Doc Systems offers which can substantially enhance office performance. Other cutting-edge office technologies that can improve the efficiency of your operation are also featured in this issue of The e/Doc Office. I hope you find the information in this publication interesting and useful. If we can ever be of assistance,please let us know.

    Signed, Tom Pease