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Maximum SecurityAs copiers and printers continue to become a more essential aspect of business, the possibility of these devices becoming a security threat also increases. The following are some multifunctional products from Ricoh that provide advanced security features:

Savin 8025 8030

  • Using an existing network login infrastructure, those with a valid name and password can access the system.
  • An optional feature automatically overwrites the dormant image left on the hard drive after a job is completed.

Savin 8035 8045

  • These devices offer the same features as the above models, but an optional removable hard drive provides another solution to protect classified and confidential information.
Goodbye Paper?PaperThe notion of the “paperless office,” where all documents would exist only in electronic format, is now a possibility in today’s digital world. Yet, while technically feasible, it has yet to be fully achieved. In fact, there are more printed documents in today’s workplace than ever before. The numbers don’t lie.

  • Global use of paper is five times higher today than it was 50 years ago and it is expected to double by 2010.
  • The U.S. uses 30 percent of the world’s paper products.
  • Worldwide, 5.61 million cubic meters of wood is used annually to produce paper.

* Source: All Associates Group

What's your business worth?Your Business's Price TagMany owners only have a vague idea. What’s more, 61% of the com- panies that responded to a recent survey by The Monitor Group aren’t even sure how businesses in their industry segment are valuated. So if you decide to sell the business, a valuation expert will help you determine the right asking price. Cash flow is a key metric when val- uating a small business, while larger companies are valuated using more complex formulas. As for assets, don’t overlook the salability of customer lists and brand equity.

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