Is your Office a Money Pit?

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Document management is the key.

The document imaging industry has been talking about creating a paperless workplace for years. Digitizing paper files was an important first step toward this goal. But while office technology continues to evolve, paper files keep piling up, and reducing paper clutter remains a challenge in the most efficient offices.

Paper studies, including one by Abigail Sellen and Richard Harper—The Myth of the Paperless Office published by MIT Press—bear this out. Use of the Internet has contributed to an increase in the volume of documents that are printed.

An important tool in the effort to reduce paper is document management software which allows businesses to scan paper documents to create a searchable and secure electronic filing system on the computer network. Document management systems can save time and money. One in ten documents will either be lost or misfiled during its useful life, and it can cost $350 or more in employee time to recreate a lost document.

In addition to employee productivity and the cost to recreate lost documents, maximizing document management software technology makes sense from several standpoints:


  • storage cost
  • scanning technology
  • learning curve
  • regulatory compliance


The cost of storing data has dropped to as little as $1 and less per gigabyte. Considering that up to 200,000 documents or more than 10 filing cabinets can be stored in one gigabyte, installing an EDMS application makes sense.


While scanning paper documents was once a time-consuming task, sheet-fed scanners, which are now common on most new office copiers and multifunction products, allow documents to be scanned quickly and conveniently.


Office workers are more familiar than ever before with common computer applications. The learning curve for applications such as document scanning is much shorter than it was 10 years ago.


The government has created a more rigorous regulatory scheme to safeguard information storage, security and retention. HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley are causing an increasing number of organizations to use document management software to ensure compliance.

A document output assessment can save your company as much as 40%

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