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Make sure your output keeps pace with your input

Upgrade your officeIt makes little sense to have fast input (computer) matched with an output process that bogs down and bottlenecks as a result of slow page speeds and manual document storage/retrieval.

Upgrading office computers to enhance speed and productivity is essential in today’s environment. Unfortunately, the same focus isn’t always given to output devices. Have the printers, copiers and multifunction products (MFPs) in your office been upgraded so they match levels of computer performance? Do you still use manila folders along with manual file storage and retrieval? If the answers to these questions are “no” and “yes,” respectively, your office productivity is declining.

Install Document Management Software

The time it takes to process a document, i.e., the time from [computer] input to final output and storage, is called throughput. It makes little sense to have fast input matched with an output process that bottlenecks as a result of slow page speeds and manual document storage/retrieval.

Upgrade Printers

Throughput is diminished by two things: machine performance and human intervention. The most effective solution for offsetting the human factor is document management software, which allows electronic filing at 75 pages per minute. It also searches files electronically which produces large gains in productivity, eliminates file cabinets and provides disaster recovery. Slow, outdated office equipment also creates a drag on throughput. This is easily remedied by upgrading to feature-rich, higher speed printers and MFPs.

Install Color Capability

Color is fast-becoming a necessity in the business world for any material that must attract and hold people’s attention. The good news is that upgrading to a color MFP is now affordable for every size business. And the cost of color copying has declined significantly, so you can save money by bringing your company’s color work in-house.

Install Print Management Software

Businesses that have multiple networked printers and MFPs benefit from print management software, which automatically emails e/Doc Systems for service and gives us the meter reading. The software emails key operators when machines are low on toner or paper, and it gives employee and departmental copy usages. Management information provided by the software can lower overall print costs.

Use Electronic Forms

Expensive multi-part business forms and the time consuming tearing, bursting and filing that goes with them can be eliminated with forms software. Electronic forms also elimi- nate the need to go to the printer for new or updated forms, only to find old forms going to waste. The output is a laser printer and invoices/forms can be printed in full color.

No Long Distance Charges

Long distance fax-phone charges can be eliminated by purchasing an Internet fax machine or by using the scan to email feature on your networked MFP. And every 21st Century office should have paper shredders to ensure document security. All of these upgrades pay for themselves over time.

e/Doc’s checklist of essential office upgrades is on this page. If you have a question or would like more information, please contact us at (901) 367-9500.

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