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The Information Explosion
We are in the middle of an information explosion. Information now doubles every 2.5 years. There will soon be over 5 billion web pages on the internet-one for every person on the planet. With new government regulations and increased legal risks, the burden of information processing continues to increase. We truly live in an information economy.

Documents Turn Information into Knowledge
So how do we make sense of all of this information? We do it with documents. Documents turn information into knowledge. Whether word processing documents, spreadsheets, invoices, memo or even web pages, documents help us make sense of the amazing amounts of information.

Documents are Expensive
A recent study by ALL Associates* showed that on average a surprising 15% of an organization’s revenue is spent on document production, management and distribution. Of that cost, 75% was related to the management and end user production time associated with documents

The bad news is that it’s getting worse. Prints per employee are rising at 10% per year. Use of color is increasing and printing is now 80% of document output. On top of this, additional burdens are placed on a workforce that has to manage both paper and digital documents.

Optimization Strategies
The good news is that there are strategies that can improve productivity and lower cost.

  1. Workflow Optimization: The goal is to streamline the flow of information through critical business processes. Workflows are analyzed with the goal of reducing friction and decreasing the total cost.
  2. Print Optimization: The goal is to lower print output costs by at least 30% through managing printer assets and directing print jobs to the most cost effective and productive print devices.

e/Doc Systems specializes in helping clients optimize their business processes. Our Document Workflow Analysis identifies targeted business improvements to streamline workflow and lower costs.

Document Technologies
e/Doc Systems provides integrated technologies for workflow and print optimization. Below are links to learn more about these technologies.

Electronic Filing Systems
Electronic Forms
Electronic Mail Room
Electronic Distribution Systems
Print Management Systems

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