Electronic Filing Systems

Why Electronic Filing?

  • Can you find documents when you need them?
  • Are you in compliance with government privacy regulations? (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley)
  • Are you prepared for a disaster?
  • Is some of your information in paper format and some on computers hard drives?
  • Is your sensitive information protected?

Electronic Filing Systems/Document Imaging Systems create a bridge between the paper and digital worlds. They provide one secure place for vital information in any format. Scanned paper documents can be stored along with all formats of computer files.

Electronic Filing Systems provide fast access to information. Instead of riffling through boxes and file cabinet drawers, information can be retrieved with the click of a mouse. Documents can be found by multiple index fields. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes the full text of the documents searchable.


  • Fast Access to Information
    • Organize and Search by:
      • Keyword
      • Index Fields
      • Full Text Search
  • Easy Distribution
    • Print, Fax, Email or Save to Disk
    • Secure Internet Access
  • Automated Indexing
    • Automatically Index and File Scans
  • Paper and Digital Documents in One Place
    • Scanned Documents
    • Any Documents (word processing, spreadsheets, photos, recordings…)
  • Security and Regulatory Compliance
    • Password Protected Access
    • User Level Permissions
    • Log of File Viewing
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Backup Documents Offsite

To explore how an Electronic Filing System could benefit your organization, contact us now to arrange for a complimentary Document Workflow Analysis.