Electronic Forms

Why Electronic Forms?

  • Do you use pre-printed forms and dot matrix/impact printers?
  • Do you use multi-part forms?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce your hard costs by 40-70%
  • Have you wasted money throwing out obsolete forms?
  • Do you print invoices?
  • Would you like better looking forms without changing your existing computer system?

Electronic Forms Systems allow you to take output from virtually any computer system and create easy-to-read forms with crisp graphics. The forms can be output on quiet laser printers and multifunction systems in black & white or full color.

Flexible routing allows multi-part forms to be sent to their destination. The first part can be printed for the client. The second part could be printed on a printer in shipping. The third part could be saved as a Adobe Acrobat .pdf file for accounting to access later. A copy could also be faxed or emailed. This all happens automatically as the document is printed.


  • Cost Savings
    • Never buy pre-printed forms again
    • Reduce hardcopy costs by 40-70%
    • Eliminate noisy line printers–free up space, save on maintenance
    • Eliminate waste from obsolete forms
    • Reduce paper handling time by 300%
  • Better Cash Flow
    • Better looking invoices get paid faster
    • Faster print speed means faster invoice delivery
  • Easy Distribution
    • Send multiple parts to different locations
      • Printers
      • Email Addresses
      • Network Folders
      • Fax Number
  • Customization
    • Forms can be easily modified using a forms editor with drag-and-drop simplicity
    • Graphics can be imported
    • Quickly change address and any other information on the form
  • Barcodes
    • Any number on the form can be converted to barcode format
  • Archival
  • Automated Entry
    • Forms automation software with Optical Character Recognition can export data from forms into a database

To explore how an Electronic Forms System could benefit your organization, contact us now to arrange for a complimentary Document Workflow Analysis.