Electronic Mail Room

Why an Electronic Mail Room?

  • Does information come into your organization in multiple paper and digital formats?
  • Do you need to share incoming information across geographically dispersed offices
  • Are you in compliance with government regulations for information storage and privacy?

An Electronic Mail Room allows you to capture incoming paper and digital information and convert it to one format. This allows you to intelligently and rapidly distribute information across your organization. Information is stored in a secure Electronic Filing System for access and backup.


  • Enhanced Communication
    • Inbound documents are converted to one format
      • Paper Mail-Scanned to .tiff or .pdf
      • Faxes-Converted to .tiff or .pdf
      • Email-Archived
      • Print Streams-Converted to .tiff or .pdf
  • Easy Distribution
    • Documents are stored into an Electronic Filing System for fast access
    • Outbound documents can be distributed by
      • Email
      • Fax
      • Printing
  • Collaboration
    • Documents can be quickly distributed to multiple parties across geographically dispersed offices
    • Version control
  • Archival
    • All information is archived in digital format
  • Compliance
    • A record is kept of every document, who has accessed it and when
    • Password protected access ensures privacy

To explore how an Electronic Mail Room could benefit your organization, contact us now to arrange for a complimentary Document Workflow Analysis.